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Securing Google Workspace Administation with Free Secondary Admin Accounts

This is especially useful for all Google Workspace admins who still use their regular account as domain admin. Google's security best practices for administrator accounts mentions Don’t use a super admin account for daily activities and I believe that this is a really important point. If you haven't done so, I also strongly recommend going over this acrticle as it serves as a check-list for your admin setup. Why isn't everybody using an admin account? Well, paying for yet another Google Workspace license just for admin work might be too much for you, especially for smaller domains. A Shared Admin Account - Bad Idea Some domains use a shared super admin account where every user has their own YubiKey configured as MFA. While this approach does separate between regular work and admin access, it doesn't give a good solution IMHO: You can't know who actually used it because multiple people have access and Google doesn'
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