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Thank you Deutsche Bahn, we had a good time

As I am writing this, my last minutes of employment at Deutsche Bahn ( DB Systel , DB) are running out. Tomorrow I will start my new job at Forto – time to look back at my 4 years with DB. This was my first time working at a really large company, even a corporation. 320,000 employees is really a lot and till the very last week I met new people with interesting topics. Working at such a large company – especially one with so many subsidiaries – was a novel experience for me. I learned a lot about corporate politics and about the motivating factors in such a large organization. For me these last 4 years were a very good time, where I was allowed to work in a very interesting position (Chief Architect Cloud in the CTO Team of DB Systel) and together with very interesting and inspiring colleagues. I learned something from every one of my colleagues, and I would like to take this moment to tell you all a big thank you for this time together. A lot happened during those years, and I
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