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Simple build tooling for frontend web applications (gulp demo)

Please read this article in the GitHub Source repo for full context.
TL;DR: Why it pays to use professional tooling even for small and insignificant projects. I used to write my build tools in Bash and "automate" stuff via Makefiles. I used to create my websites manually without any build tool (since I just edit the HTML, CSS and JS files directly). It turns out that this is actually a big waste of my time. It also prevents me from adopting standard solutions for common problems. A specific example is the problem of proxies and browsers caching static asstes like CSS and JS files. The symptom is that I have to push repeatedly F5 to see a change in my code. The best practice solution is to change the filename of the static asset each time the content changes. Without automation this is already way beyond my manual editing so that I so far didn't use this simple trick. This little demo project for a static website shows how easy it is actually to setup and use professional…