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FOSS Backstage 2024 - Open Source is nearly normal?

Attending the 2024 Foss Backstage was again a real pleasure, my last one was in 2022 . I enjoyed participating in a conference in Berlin, in person and about Open Source. The only thing I don't understand is, why not more people come to it, there where only about 200 attendees on-site and another 60 online. Corporate Open Source Open Source in the business and as a serious business practice is clearly growing up. Most larger companies who sent representatives to this conference already have some sort of Open Source governance framework in place. It was also a nice meeting of many old acquaintances from the German corporate Open Source community. Has Open Source outgrown the OSPO   (video) , since SUN defined the role 25 years ago? - asks  Per Ploug Krogslund  who established Open Source Program Office (OSPO) teams at Zalando and Spotify. By my own observation it clearly has not outgrown it: Outside this Open Source conference, most companies I personall
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