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DevOps Berlin Meetup 2015-07

Is Amazon good for DevOps? Maybe yes, maybe no. But for sure the new Berlin office is good for a Berlin DevOps Meetup . Jonathan Weiss gave a short overview over the engineering departments found here: AWS OpsWorks, AWS Solution Architects, Amazon EC2, Machine Learning. Michael Ducy (Global Partner Evangelist at Chef Software ) talks about DevOps and tells the usual story. Michael uses goats and silos as a metaphor and builds his talk from the famous goat and silo problem . He sees the "IT manufacturing process" as silos (read  History of Silos  for more about that) and DevOps minded people as goats: Multi-purpose, versatile, smart and stubborn at reaching their goals. The attendees of the DevOps event probably did not need much convincing, but the talk was nevertheless very entertaining. Michael has an MBA and also gave some useful insights into how organisations evolve into silos and how organisational "kingdoms" develop. The talk is available as video

ImmobilienScout24 Social Day at the GRIPS Theater

Today I went to the GRIPS Theater  ( English ) instead of the office. Once a year ImmobilienScout24 donates the work force to social projects, called Social Day . I used the opportunity to catch a glimpse behinde the stage. The theater in turn got a workshop from us about their web site and social media channels. But first we watched a very nice children show ( Ein Fest bei Baba Dengiz ) about a German guy who learned respect for foreigners - from another German with Turkish background. The show was well adapted to the school-age audience. The theater follows a somewhat unusual concept and places the stage in the middle of the audience: Foto mit freundlicher Genehmigung des GRIPS Theaters This was my first visit to the GRIPS Theater, but not the last. Besides a rich children programme the theater also offers shows for adults and is most famously known for the show Linie 1 .
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