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Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference Europe in Berlin: Register Now and Save Money!

The Velocity EU website is up and my talk is Be fast or stay behind – Building a Continuous Delivery Platform (together with Ingmar Krusch ). The conference is on November 8 th and 9 th in Berlin. BTW, this Berlin conference was first announced at the Velocity US in Santa Clara in an interview:   I hope to see you there, it will be a lot of fun! Make sure to order your ticket now while it only costs 849€ ( Best Price till September 28 th ) compared to the 1095€ ( full price )

Peer-2-Peer Backup Ideas

At the Desktop Summit I stood almost 2 hours in the yard talking to Michael Bell and amongst many other things we got an idea about how to solve the problem of Desktop backups in large environments. The basic idea is to go away from a centralized approach and solve the problem with a peer-2-peer solution. The main benefit is scale-out vs. scale-up: As the amount of Desktops that require a backup grows, so does the amount of Desktops that provide backup space.
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