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Mission Impossible: Complete Disaster Recovery for Google Workspace

I'm a frequent user of Google Workspace and even accept the switch from free to paid for my family domain . One topic has always been on my to-do list: Proper backups to support disaster recovery after a major problem. It turns out that Google Workspace has a significant flaw: It is technically impossible to create a full backup of all data and to restore that! Google simply doesn't offer any API for that. As a result, all backup vendors are forced to work with the regular APIs. As a result, not everything in Google Workspace can be stored in a backup, e.g. Google Sites (new, not classic). Some content, like Google Drawings and others, can only be backed up as a static file (e.g. PDF) and not restored into a new Google Drawing. Google itself doesn't offer much on backup and disaster recovery: Recover deleted files and folders for Drive users Restore deleted shared drives or their files How to mitigate ra
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