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CloudCamp Gent 2011

I am at the CloudCamp Ghent  and can share some notes. VMware Cloud Foundry Lode Vermeiren , VMware. Talk on Slideshare Long part about VMware products and history that are cloud related. It got actually interesting once he started to demo stuff. The good part was that it was very authentic (e.g. not all parts where working). The bad part was that there was not so much to see, just some basic "upload my simple Hello World app" The speaker distributed USB Keys with a VM and registration codes for the Cloud Foundry service. Look at and use the cloudcampgh code for instant access (till November 26 th ). Without the code invites might take a couple of days to activate. Combell Cloud Cases Company is sponsor, this is a short sales pitch Quite refreshing in its brevity "Devops in the Cloud" is a pleonasm

Silicon Berlin

What do these companies have in common? (bought by Nokia in 2006) (bought by Ebay) Well, they are all in Berlin! Berlin is one of the most vibrant places on earth where new web companies settle and thrive. Berlin attracts not only people from Germany but from all over the world. Especially English speakers are welcome in Berlin and find a lot of like-minded people here. Investors are flocking to Berlin and almost every day or week we seen new start ups. Even the big players are coming now, as the recent press reports (sorry, mostly in German): NEUES GOOGLE-INSTITUT: Investoren sehen Berlin als nächstes Silicon Valley (Berliner Morgenpost 2011-10-26) Amazon kommt mit AWS nach Berlin  (2011-11-10) STARTUP-METROPOLE UND SILICON VALLEY-PENDANT: Wann begann die Berlin-Euphorie?  (2011-11-10) BERLIN - Europas Silicon Valley (DRadio Wissen 2011-11-11) Berlin: The birth place of the n

Google Apps - Marketplace Addons you really need

I migrated my domain to Google Apps and would like to share some of my experience. One of the great features is IMHO the Enterprise Marketplace where you can find lots of really useful (and even more of useless) Apps to add to your domain. Here is a selection of apps I tried or at least noticed. Must Have Doodle  integrates really nice into Google Apps and fulfils all dreams about scheduling meetings or asking several people about their opinion on something Useful Lucid Charts has a free account which is more than sufficiant for most simple drawing needs. The shape library is rather simple, e.g. no floor plan shapes. Diagrams are limited to 60 objects each. PresentOnlineNow gets the job done with regard to online presentations and comes for free for up to 10 participants in a meeting room. Only downside is that screen sharing does not work from Linux. Positive is that the participants don't need to install anything, it requires only Flash. Might Be Interesting

VEU 2011 Birds of a Feather was great - see you all next year!

I would like to thank everybody who helped with the Birds of a Feather event yesterday. It was really great, at the start we had about 30 people and managed to fill up all the talk slots and also had a few discussions. Till the evening some more people arrived so that we where about 70 for the dinner. The party was also joined by participants of the CouchConf , which happened to be on the same day. I hope that everybody enjoyed it and will be back next year.
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