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Web UI Testing Made Easy with Zalenium

I so far was always afraid to mess with UI tests and SeleniumHQ . Thanks to Zalenium , a dockerized "it just works" Selenium Grid from Zalando, I finally managed to start writing UI tests. Zalenium takes away all the pain of setting up Selenium with suitable browsers and keeps all of that nicely contained within Docker containers ( docker-selenium ). Zalenium also handles spawning more browser containers on demand and even integrates with cloud-based selenium providers ( Sauce Labs , BrowserStack , TestingBot ). To demonstrate how easy it is to get started I setup a little demo project  (written in Python with Flask ) that you can use for inspiration. The target application is developed and tested on the local machine (or a build agent) while the test browsers run in Docker and are completely independent from my desktop browser: A major challenge for this setup is accessing the application that runs on the host from within the Docker containers. Dockers network isolat