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Meetup Marathon

This week was my Meetup Marathon: Microservices Meetup Berlin about  Software Memories and Simulated Machines by  William Louth . Berlin DevOps about Scaling Logstash: A Collection of War Stories  by  Pere Urbon-Bayes and "Continuous development with Nix" by  Rok Garbas . Sadly there was no time for the traditional fish bowl discussion. AWS User Group Meetup about  STUPS tools & components platform by Henning Jacobs and Distributed Log Refinement Discussion  by  Christian Kniep . Software Memories and Simulated Machines was above my head. Scaling Logstash made me wonder how many engineers you actually need to run that "properly". Nix is something we hopefully don't need, Rok actually said that if you package everything you don't need it. STUPS  is the "Cloud Ops" stack from Zalando , nicely published on GitHub : The STUPS platform is a set of tools and components to provide a convenient and audit-compliant Platform-as-a-S

OpenTechSummit 2015

Yesterday was the first OpenTechSummit in Berlin, a new conference that came partially in place of the LinuxTag . The conference squeezed a large amount of talks into a single day. The talks where either 10 or 20 minutes long and covered many non-technical topics related to open knowledge or open technology. One thing impressed me especially: All day long there where workshops for children and youth. While some kids took their first steps in coding, others came to work together on advanced programming or hardware projects. The date (a German state holiday) made sure that children had time to attend, many IT people came together with their children. The organizers where actually surprised by the large amount of children who registered for a free kids ticket. I gave my " DevOps, Agile and Open Source at ImmobilienScout24 " talk and put up some ImmobilienScout24 posters for our sponsoring. Tweets about @schlomoschapiro #ots15
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