I have written or contributed to the following software projects, for which I can also offer commercial support upon request. All my software is Open Source and I am always happy to hear stories about how my software is useful for you.


Chromebooks in Deutschland is a market overview for Chromebooks in Germany, listing specifications and current prices for all Chromebook models that can be bought in Germany on the free market.

Software for Google Workspace

I am a Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) admin and user. That led me to write several extensions which you might find useful.

Smart Quotes Localizer

Replace American typographical (curly, curved, book or smart) quotation marks with their correct form based on the document’s language, supports almost all languages supported by Google Docs.
Deutsche typographische Anführungszeichen in Google Docs.

Install Smart Quotes Localizer for yourself or your Google Workspace Domain from the Marketplace

Set A* Page Size

Easy way to configure the page size in Google Docs to any of the A sizes: 4A0, 2A0, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 and also important DIN envelope sizes: DIN lang (DL), C4 C5, C6, C6/5.

Install Set A* Page Size for yourself or your Google Workspace Domain from the Marketplace.

Set Zebra Page Size

Easy way to configure the page size in Google Docs to any of the Zebra label printer sizes.

Google Docs does not support custom page sizes, with this addon you can set any of the Zebra page sizes. The height (page length) can be set between 1 inch and 13 inch. The width is always 4 inch / 10 cm, but you can toggle between portrait and landscape as well. The margin is set to 5 mm.

Install Set Zebra Page Size for yourself or your Google Workspace Domain from the Marketplace.

Linux Software

Kiosk Browser

Turn an Ubuntu or Debian system into a web kiosk or dashboard. Supports both Raspberry Pi and Laptop/PC.


Rsync Backup Made Easy

My version of an rsync-with-hardlink script. Main features are RPM and DEB package, storage management (disk space & free inodes) management with automatic storage balancing between multiple hosts, multiple hosts supported, enterprise-compatible cron-job mode, email reports for errors, infos or verbose output.


Relax and Recover

Fully automated Linux bare-metal disaster recovery with integration into backup software. Create bootable rescue media that optionally also contains the backup data. This is a very mature Open Source project that is actively used in many data centers and also ships as part of many Linux distributions as well as SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension

ReaR is the standard solution for bare metal desaster rocovery for Linux.

Project Homepage:

Discontinued Software

Business Continuity Visualization Toolkit

Map technical and business dependencies in a data center into a management compatible graphical representation that aids in budget decisions and sharpens the eye for outage scenarios. See the BCVT homepage for details, downloads and screenshots.


Lab Manager Light

LML is a glue framework to turn a VMware virtualization environment into a self-service provisioned cloud. Target audience is everybody who operates a VMware infrastructure and wants to stop dealing with user requests for new VMs, changed RAM etc. but rather have the users help themselves. Of course this should be wrapped so that nobody can harm the network or create incompatible machines.

LML is the software that enabled the self-service VM environment at ImmobilienScout24 as described in my talk "Viele Server, wenig Arbeit - Betriebsautomation bei IS24": Folien, Video


YADT- An Augmented Deployment Tool

RPM-based deployment and configuration management for data centers. Use RPM packages for software and configurations management through storing configuration files and templating variables in a SVN. Manage multiple systems through understanding their interdependencies.

Project Homepage:

Yum Repo Server

The yum-repo-server is a server that allows you to host and manage YUM repositories using a RESTful API. Packages are stored in a distributed object store and metadata generation is lightning fast.



LD_PRELOAD library to change the nodename reported by uname(2) and gethostname(2) calls to another value. Mostly used in chroot environments or similar. Nowadays one would rather use docker run --hostname SOME-NAME.



Backup software to be used with VMware Infrastructure 3 or vSphere 4 and VMware Consolidated Backup. The purpose of easyVCB is to create a full image backup of (all) Virtual Machines in a farm of ESX 3/4 servers. To this effect easyVCB provides the backup logic and storage management missing with plain VCB as shipped by VMware. See the easyVCB homepage for details.


Ancient Software

In the years before 2001, while working at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I also wrote a lot of software for Novell Netware environments, Linux servers, and Windows desktops. All of that can be found at my HUJI archive.

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