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micrxchg 2018: Serverless and Containers

The 2 days of " The Microservices Conference in Berlin - 2018 " where packed with talks that clearly demonstrate that the world of micro services is based mainly on two topics: Serverless computing and containers. Users either go to the public cloud providers and use the existing frameworks there, e.g. Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB etc. on AWS , or users build their own platforms on top of Kubernetes (or a Kubernetes variant). The videos are available on the microXchg YouTube channel , my own talks: The slides for my own talks are available via SlideShare: Root for all - measuring DevOps adoption - microxchg 2018 - Schlomo Schapiro , see also Root for All - A DevOps Measure? blog article Kubernetes - Shifting the mindset from servers to containers - microxchg 2018 - Schlomo Schapiro , see also  Using Kubernetes with Multiple Containers for Initialization and Maintenance  blog article.
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