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Always good for a surprise: PyConDE 2013

I was again at the  PyConDE , this year in Cologne. As before, the conference was a mix between different types of talks. It seems like this year we had less people attending compared to last year, at least the crowd in the main hall looked much smaller (see photo). Many talsk where really interesting, but the lighning talks where the real highlight with lots of funny, useful or astonishing talks.b The conference included a beginners programming competition for school students (13-21), the 2 winners showed their project in the opening keynotes. The project had to do something with Blender and Python and one of the winners (a 13-year old boy!) presented a generated animation of a Skat game with a very solid software design. All that after just 9 months of learning Python was really stunning. Andreas Schreiber  most certainly gave up a lot of personal information in his very practical talk about the " Internet of Things ", in which he showed how to connect vario
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