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The GitOps Journey

I talked about this at the GitOpsCon EU 2021: The GitOps Journey Video The GitOps Journey Slides GitOps is most definitely one of the hype words of 2021. No self-respecting tool fails to market itself as a "GitOps tool, even if is only remotely related to the GitOps principles defined by the CNCF GitOps Working Group . But where does GitOps fit into an IT strategy? In my opinion GitOps should be the centerpiece of every modern IT strategy! The GitOps journey takes the hype surrounding GitOps to build a solid, automation-focused, long-term sustainable IT strategy. A strategy that uses standard "GitOps" tools together with our own developments to navigate the deep waters between DevOps chaos and widening the Dev-Ops gap towards true hands-off operations where the Dev or Ops question is mostly irrelevant as we all use the same common automation and tooling.  GitOps is the natural evolution for DevOps practices . Challenges of e

10€ remote doorbell

Our door bell is not very loud and we don't hear it in the kitchen when the internal doors are closed. We already missed people calling at our apartment door because of this. To solve this problem I found a 10€ remote bell that sits in the kitchen and rings whenever somebody rings our door bell. Initially I wanted a fancy WIFI based solution based on an ESP32 that would call me via SIP... But in the end this simple solution is "good enough" and has the benefit of zero maintenance. My solution is based on a kinetic wireless doorbell  (batterielose Funktürklingel) that has two components: A ringer that sits in a power socket and a transmitter without batteries. The "without batteries" part is really important as it allows a direct connection and integration of the transceiver into the door phone. As it happens, what I needed was available for 10€ at a local supermarket, but you can easily find this type of doorbell in online stores as well. The ringer contains a l