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EuroPython 2014

One full week of Python power is almost more than one can take, but I missing it would be even worse. This was my first EuroPython and with 1200 participants a big upgrade compared to the previous 2 PyCon.DE events in which I participated. The location ( Berlin Congress Center ) deserves kudos, along with the perfect organization. The Wifi worked really well (except for a WAN problem on Tuesday which was fixed quickly) and everybody loved the catering. They even had kosher, helal and vegan food (preordered), which is highly unusual for German conferences. Most amazing was the video crew who managed to upload all videos in about one hour after a talk was given. I managed to give three talks: DevOps Risk Mitigation How we use Test Driven Infrastructure at ImmobilienScout24 as part of our general automation to reduce the risk of giving everybody access everywhere. ( Access Slides or Watch Video ) YAML Reader Lightning Talk about the yamlreader Python library, which provide

iPXE - The Versatile Boot Loader

iPXE is a lesser known Open Source  PXE boot loader which offers many interesting features: boot from a web server via HTTP and HTTPS boot from remote block device over  iSCSI , FC , FCoE , AoE SAN boot from VLAN , WiFi, WAN, Infiniband control the boot process with a script user interaction with menus and login prompts display images and splash screens replaces NIC firmware or chain load via PXE Talk & Article Since iPXE plays a role in the ImmobilienScout24 boot automation I gave a talk about it at the LinuxTag 2014 . The talk is half an hour long and gives a quick introduction into iPXE. It covers build, configuration & scripting and shows how to develop boot scripts in iPXE with a very short feedback cycle. Download the  slides to the talk  and the  audio recording  as a podcast. At the conference the German Linux Magazin became interested in the topic and asked me to write an article about iPXE: Der vielseitige Netzwerk-Bootloader I-PXE Lin
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