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The Demise of KaiOS - Alcatel 3088X

I was really excited, when Firefox OS became commercially available as KaiOS for "smart" feature phones. Unfortunately the high hopes I had put into this platform have been utterly shattered. I was recently looking for a button phone that had only three requirements : very good battery run time, at least several days or a week of standby without charging easy backup or even synchronization of the contacts VoLTE support to benefit from LTE coverage  In Theory... On paper, KaiOS phones look like the perfect match for those requirements. PhoneCopy for KaiOS is a cloud synchronization service that comes with an app for KaiOS (and many other platforms) to synchronize contacts and other phone content to the cloud (and back). With batteries of 1500 mAh and more , KaiOS phones have the potential to deliver outstanding battery performance. The Alcatel 3088X , for example, boasts "up to 300h standby and more than 7h talk time" with a 1530 mAh battery: Battery specification
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