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DevOps September 2018: Culture vs. Tools

" Culture eats strategy for breakfast " is a well known quote that applies especially well to DevOps (good  example ). The two DevOps events in Berlin couldn't be more different and prove this idea: The DevOpsDays Berlin 2018  (a 2 day conference) was focused entirely on culture and delivered a solid collection of inspirational talks and success stories. Tooling was limited to a few ignite talks and the afternoon workshops, that happened at the same time as the open space sessions. The DevOps Berlin Meetup 09.2018  (an evening event) was all about tools. 3 talks about specific tools gave new and specific ideas about how to improve: automated database schema management with Flyway , Open Source CI with Concourse CI , Clickhouse the best backend for Graphite metrics collection. At both events I gave an ignite talk about Compliance DevOps  that shows why it is important to extend our DevOps approach also to the automation of non-functional requirements like IT archi
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