DevOps September 2018: Culture vs. Tools

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" is a well known quote that applies especially well to DevOps (good example). The two DevOps events in Berlin couldn't be more different and prove this idea:

  1. The DevOpsDays Berlin 2018 (a 2 day conference) was focused entirely on culture and delivered a solid collection of inspirational talks and success stories. Tooling was limited to a few ignite talks and the afternoon workshops, that happened at the same time as the open space sessions.
  2. The DevOps Berlin Meetup 09.2018 (an evening event) was all about tools. 3 talks about specific tools gave new and specific ideas about how to improve: automated database schema management with Flyway, Open Source CI with Concourse CI, Clickhouse the best backend for Graphite metrics collection.
At both events I gave an ignite talk about Compliance DevOps that shows why it is important to extend our DevOps approach also to the automation of non-functional requirements like IT architecture & security governance. As a result, compliance can be attested by the CI/CD pipelines and is a natural part of the development cycle:
For me both events were valuable and both provided me with new ideas and insights. Especially the quarterly local meetup is a good place to network in Berlin, meet former colleagues and to get to know interesting companies in Berlin, like Solaris Bank who kindly hosted this meetup.

Further reading about my DevOps topics:


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