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Is Cloud Native the new Linux?

The CloudNativeCon + KubeCon North Europe 2017 in Berlin was sold out with 1500 participants. I learned really a lot about Kubernetes and the other new and shiny tools that start to become main stream. To get an introduction into Cloud Native, watch  Alexis Richardson  in the keynote on " What is Cloud Native and Why Should I care " ( slides , video at 12:27). He explained the goal of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation  (CNCF) as avoiding cloud lock-in , which is much more to the point than the official charter  (which talks about "the adoption of a new computing paradigm"). Alexis chairs the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) of the CNCF. The Foundation is " projects first ", set up similar to the Linux Foundation and already sponsors various Open Source projects . Linux Lock-In His remarks got me to think about the question, especially in comparison with Linux. To me it seems that modern IT in the data center already has a pretty strong &q

Embedding SSH Key in SSH URL

SSH keys are considered to be a security feature, but sometimes they make things more complicated than necessary. Especially in automation contexts we use SSH keys without  a pass phrase which degrades the security of the SSH keys to the security level of a plain text password. The only benefit of the SSH keys is the fact that an attacker who gains access to the server won't be able to use the keys found there to login somewhere else. As such SSH keys are still better and more secure than having a regular plain text password. In automation contexts we sometimes have to handle lots of SSH keys, for example with GitHub Deploy Keys . GitHub mandates to use a different SSH key for every repository to ensure that a leaked private key will not lead to a breach of other repositories. I recently had to configure a Go Continuous Delivery server and it turned out that it does not support managing SSH keys at all (like Jenkins or TeamCity do). In order to still be able to us
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