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How to add an almost-GDPR-compliant print button to any website

Update 30.11.2020: Explain why I removed the print buttons from my blog. Many websites look great on screen but don't support printing or don't look good on paper. Mostly this is because the website designer "forgot" to test and optimize for printing. To help with this problem, there are free services that can print any website. I know and use two such services: PrintFriendly and PrintWhatYouLike . Unfortunately no service works perfectly, usually one or the other produces better looking results. Both offer adding a "print" button on your website and generate some Javascript/HTML for that. Upon closer analysis it turns out that these buttons are very much not cool from a GDPR compliance perspective: The buttons load an image and additional Javascript when your  website loads so that the people running those print services get a very nice access log of your users reading your website! To solve this problem, I modified the print buttons to be more data priv
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