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1st devops Berlin meetup

On Tuesday, April 5th 2011, there was the first meeting of the devops Berlin XING group at ImmobilienScout24 where I also work. About 20 people showed up for an interesting mix of talks and open space. I got some very interesting and promising contacts and was happy to meet several people whom I had not seen for a long time. My own talk was about Package Deployment — Building Bridges between Dev and Ops and is available as a PDF download . The technology that we are building is available at the YADT project homepage and currently undergoing some rework before we can release it to the public.


Seems like a total waste of time without practical use? Well, it is — unless you need to test drive an idea that will be rolled out in your production data center running XEN PV but you have only VMware ESX as a playground. Since I spent a little time putting the pieces together I will share my experience based on CentOS 5.5 . Basically it all went es expected, I only had some trouble to get the XEN PV VMs into the regular network via bridging versus the NAT which is the default that comes with CentOS. Basic Setup: Configure your VMware VM to allow promiscuous networking: Allow promiscuous networking on the vSwitch Add this line of manual configuration to the Extended Configuration of the VM: ethernet0.noPromisc=“FALSE” Install regular CentOS and add the group "Virtualization": yum groupinstall Virtualization Make sure that there is enough free disk space in /var/lib/xen/images to store your virtual disk images. Network Setup:   Edit /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks/d
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