EuroPython 2014

One full week of Python power is almost more than one can take, but I missing it would be even worse.

This was my first EuroPython and with 1200 participants a big upgrade compared to the previous 2 PyCon.DE events in which I participated. The location (Berlin Congress Center) deserves kudos, along with the perfect organization.

The Wifi worked really well (except for a WAN problem on Tuesday which was fixed quickly) and everybody loved the catering. They even had kosher, helal and vegan food (preordered), which is highly unusual for German conferences. Most amazing was the video crew who managed to upload all videos in about one hour after a talk was given.

I managed to give three talks:

  • DevOps Risk MitigationHow we use Test Driven Infrastructure at ImmobilienScout24 as part of our general automation to reduce the risk of giving everybody access everywhere. (Access Slides or Watch Video)
  • YAML ReaderLightning Talk about the yamlreader Python library, which provides a wrapper for the yaml.safe_load function that merges several YAML files. yamlreader is the base for most of the modularized configuration in our Python software. (Access Slides or Watch Video)
  • Open Source Sponsoring
    About why your company should invest into Open Source projects instead of into proprietary software. I did not plan this talk, but a speaker did not show up and I jumped in. (Access Slides or Watch Video)
I very much enjoyed the international public at the conference and hope to be able to also attend next years event.


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