DevOps Driving School - Explaining DevOps in 5 Minutes

DevOps is not a title, not a box to buy, nor a software to install - how can you explain DevOps in 5 minutes, e.g. as an elevator pitch riding up to the top floor with your boss?

DevOps is like a driving license for running code in production

In my opinion, this is the easiest and best explanation, that everybody can understand. Specifically, it is like a motorcycle driving license and this analogy carries surprisingly far, e.g.:

  • motorcyclists pass a theoretical exam → Engineers should know about their obligations before working in production

  • motorcyclists drive on their own, the instructor drives behind and gives instructions via radio → Engineers should work in production and a DevOps coach should accompany them with expertise

  • motorcyclists are fully accountable for their mistakes (e.g. hitting a tree) while they learn driving → Engineers working in production are fully accountable for their mistakes, e.g. opening a database to the internet

  • ... and so on

It is important to note, that DevOps is - in the end - the result of doing the right things. To make it simple to check your "DevOps adoption", I created these 5 DevOps Principles which serve criteria or key performance indicators (KPI) against which you can measure your own progress:

  • … if every person uses the same tool for the same job

  • … codified knowledge - everybody contributing their part to common automation

  • … if all people have the same privileges in their tooling

  • … if human error is equally possible for Dev and Ops

  • … replacing people interfaces by automated decisions and processes

Doing all of these topics properly will yield DevOps as a result. See 5 DevOps Principles Homepage for more resources, talks, slides and videos.

It is important to keep in mind that DevOps solves primarily a people problem, and not a tech problem. You can even keep using your existing tech stack and achieve DevOps if you treat all Engineers equally.

Watch my DevOps Driving School 5 minute lightning talk (download slides) for my version of this elevator pitch:

I gave this talk at the 46th BLN DevOps Meetup on May 30th, 2024. Sadly my talk was the only DevOps-specific talk at this event, which maybe also shows a little bit the decline of DevOps as a hot topic. In my observation however, DevOps is still very much a thing, and many organisations or companies still struggle with getting DevOps done right.

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