Google Workspace for Education Cost Calculator

This week Google announced the new Google Workspace for Education features and pricing. The former Enterprise subscription continues as "Education Plus" subscription and there are two new paid subscriptions "Education Standard" and "Teaching & Learning Upgrade" (T&L Upgrade).  Of course the free version continues as "Education Fundamentals". Check out the detailed feature overview at the Google Education homepage. 

Completely new are the pricing models:

  • Education Standard and Education Plus are billed by the amount of students, with complimentary staff licenses at a 1:4 ratio (every 4 students buy a staff license).
  • Teaching & Learning Upgrade is billed by the amount of teachers.
  • All licenses are billed yearly, states the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

In comparison, the previous "Enterprise for Education" subscription was billed by the amount of staff, with 10 complimentary student licenses for every teacher.

Another major change is the amount of storage that can be used across the Google products. Every Google Workspace domain gets 100 TB storage, regardless the amount of users. T&L Upgrade awards 100GB per license and Education Plus gives 20GB per license.  All storage allotments are now pooled for the entire domain and not individually assigned to users. Interesting to note is the fact, that Education Standard does not provide additional storage - even though it is paid.

Cost Calculator

To help calculate the costs and benefits for a given licensing model, I created a cost calculator that you can use to calculate the cost of Google Workspace for Education (prices for USA):

The prices for Europe are not yet officially announced, but I heard some price infos that I will update once official prices become available:

Cost Optimization

Based on the amount of staff and students, it can be cheaper to buy the Enterprise Plus subscription instead of the T&L Upgrade, for example if you are close the 1:10 staff-student ratio:

If you have much more students than the 10 times the amount of staff then you could save a lot of money with the T&L Upgrade if you don't need the other Plus features:

If you need more storage then it is also cheaper to buy Education Plus which costs $250 per TB storage compared to $480 per TB storage with the T&L Upgrade.

Go and try out the cost calculator yourself: Click here .If you want to modify it then please make a copy of the Google Sheet. Also note that your numbers will be visible in this blog article to serve as an illustration for the readers.


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