Setting Custom Page Size in Google Docs - My First Published Google Apps Script Add-On

While Google Docs is a great productivity tool, it still lacks some very simple and common functionality, for example setting a custom page size. Google Slides and Google Drawings allows setting custom sizes, but not Google Docs.

Luckily there are several add-ons available for this purpose, for example Page Sizer is a little open source add-on on the Chrome Web Store.

Unfortunately in many enterprise setups of G Suite access to the Chrome Web Store and to Google Drive add-ons is disabled for security reasons: the admins cannot white-list single add-ons and are afraid of add-ons that leak company data. Admins can only white list add-ons from the G Suite Marketplace.

The Google Apps Script code to change the page size is actually really simple, for example to set the page size to A1 you need only this single line of code:
  "PAGE_WIDTH": 1684, 
  "PAGE_HEIGHT": 2384 
To solve this problem for everybody I created a simple Docs add-on Set A* Page Size that adds a menu to set the page size to any of 4A0 - A10.
Users can use this add-on in three modes:
  • Install the add-on in your Google Docs. Works for accounts and for G Suite accounts that allow add-on installation. It makes the add-on available in all your documents.
  • Ask their domain admins to add the add-on from the G Suite Marketplace. This will add the add-on for all users and all their documents in the domain. The source code is public (MIT License) and open for review.
  • Copy & Paste the code into their own document — this requires no extra permissions and it does not involve the domain admins. It adds the add-on only to the current document.
To use the code in your own document follow these steps:
  1. Copy the code from the Script Editor of this Document into the Script Editor of your own Document.
  2. Close and Open your document.
  3. Use the Set Page Size menu to set a custom page size:
I hope that you will find this little add-on useful and that you can learn something about Google Apps Scripting from it.


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