Video Converter

Modern video cameras produce beautiful videos - but the resulting files take up a lot of space. For an internal video portal I had to automatically convert such camera videos (.m2ts or .mov at up to 30MBit/s) to "regular" mp4 videos that can be used with web-bases video players like Flow Player.

The result is a conversion script that uses HandBrake to convert the videos. I run it as a nightly cron job on the file share with the videos. People drop their camera videos onto the share and my Linux box automatically converts them to reasonable sizes.

Example Sizes for 23min video:
1080p Camera Video3.9 GBM2TS with AVC Video and AC3 Audio24 MBit/s
320p for iPod141 MBMP4 with AVC Video and AAC Audio900 KBit/s
720p for Small Screen373 MBMP4 with AVC Video and AAC Audio2.2 MBit/s
1080p for Large Screen1.2 GBMP4 with AVC Video and AAC Audio7.4 MBit/s

I am no expert on H264 tuning, so these values can be probably optimized quite a bit (Please provide your feedback as a comment).


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