Volunteering at the LinuxTag 2012

Today I spent almost all the day helping the LinuxTag crew. They needed someone to help with transportation and I own a trailer and had a day of vacation. IT turns out that the LinuxTag - like all trade shows - comes with a lot of stuff and the people who help also need something:
Shopping for the LinuxTag
And this is actually not all of it, just to help the volunteers and project members and booth staff.

Besides lugging lots of boxes and crates I actually learned a lot about the LinuxTag today: It is all completely done by volunteers, most of whom actually take vacation days to organize the event!

If you like the LinuxTag please come and join the effort and sign up to help at the LinuxTag: http://www.linuxtag.org/2012/de/mitmachen.html


  1. Until now I had a slightly different conception of a bat mobile, but, hey, this is even better! :) Thanks, Schlomo, for giving a hand and making LinuxTag an even better place.


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