Silicon Berlin Update

It has been a while since my first Silicon Berlin blog post. I tried to put the essence of my understand of Silicon Berlin into a few lines:

Silicon Berlin is a label or brand that hopes to unite Berlin web companies to make Berlin a better place for web companies. It can serve as a label under which a community of web companies and IT people can act together. Silicon Berlin - beeing a true community effort - is not owned by anybody and can be used by anyone interested to further their goals with regard to making Berlin more attractive for web companies and for people who like to work in web companies.

Please comment and let me know your opinion.

My most recent activity is my first public Silicon Berlin talk at the 5th Berlin DevOps meetup.

Here are a few new related articles, events and links:
Please join our Silicon Berlin Google+ and Silicon Berlin Facebook pages.

This is now the new Silicon Berlin logo:
Thanks a lot to Boris Borchert for his creativity! If you have never been to Germany, this is how town signs look in Germany.


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