Velocity Europe 2011 Birds of Feathers

The Velocity Europe 2011 is coming closer, only two weeks to go!

If you have not yet signed up, do so now and use the discount code veu11pcy to get 20% discount off the regular price. The code can be entered on the Velocity registration page.

We managed to put together a Birds of Feathers event just on the afternoon before the velocity. This will serve as a warm-up to the Velocity and provide the open space that the main Velocity does not have this time. Meet the vibrant Berlin web community at the Betahaus, a well-known location for start up companies.

Attendance is free for Velocity attendees! As is the dinner & party after the event :-)

Go to the Velocity Eruope 2011 Birds of Feathers event page at to see all the details and sign up, the event is limited to 150 participants.


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