Velocity Conference Europe 2011 - Call for Papers till August 9th!

The Velocity Conference comes to Europe. But we don't want to have a clone of the US conference, we want to have a real European version of the conference.

We need your help!

The Call for Papers is open, please come and submit your paper to the Velocity Conference about:

  • NoSQL
  • Mobile performance
  • Effective cloud computing
  • JavaScript speedups
  • TCP, HTTP, and SSL optimizations
  • Metrics and monitoring
  • Impact on the bottom line
  • DevOps
  • Web Operations Culture
One of the benefits of submitting a proposal is solid chance at getting a free ticket to the conference!

The conference will be on November 8th and 9th, 2011 in Berlin. Important dates are:
  • Submission deadline for proposals is 9 August, 2011
  • Early Registration opens in September 2011
  • Standard Registration begins in October 2011


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